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Oh Lord, would you buy me a Mercedes‐Benz, appeals Anti Danilevsky!

Crowdfunding platform KickICO just doesn’t work. More than 3 dozens of its investing campaigns couldn’t collect a penny there and were forced to attract investments from other places.

Kick is losing its appeal in the eye of investors but the boss is busy with a new Mercedes G63, which he wants to buy. You can read about it on his FB page.

The company is doing pretty well on paper as their customers investment rallies are usually more successful than planned. However, with an exception or two.

The procedure of accumulating money on the platform is absolutely opaque. According to the Kick’s customers, who used it to attract funds, the company shows figures parsed from elsewhere and present them as their own.

We feel that KickICO’s boss Anti Danilevsky has to be jumping through hoops to keep his business working. Unfortunately, he thinks different.

Instead of doing that Anti prefers to announce the launch of a new project and to release his plans of updating Kick up to a version 4.0. Even though there were never versions 2.0 or 3.0 it doesn’t really matter because the platform isn’t good for anyone who had used it.

Anyway, what’s that Kick? The real pain is some issues related to buying a new car.

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