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Blockchain Utopia in Nevada

Jeffrey Berns, an American millionaire lawyer, announced a city on the blockchain establishment.

In his vision, a full‐fledged city will exist off the state’s and large corporations’ influence — all thanks to the blockchain, praise God. Residents of the city will be able to store data on their personal wallets, without relying on any intermediaries. Each line makes big news, can you feel it?

Mr. Berns is really serious about his dream. He claims to have already spent 300 million dollars on the project. Including 170 thousand dollars for the purchase of one hundred square miles of desert in the state of Nevada. The remaining money was spent on hiring 70 employees, work planning and office rent. In this regard, we in the FFC Media team want to ask Mr. Berns whether he’s willing to take a look at our CVs.

Houses, schools, commercial and industrial enterprises will be built up on the land. Power engineers will supply it with electricity. The city will attract many entrepreneurs and blockchain enthusiasts, all of them just waiting for Mr. Berns. And he is right there, joyfully slinging his brainchild. If it doesn’t sell well — he will sue everyone. In his ordinary life, Mr. Burns specializes in class‐action lawsuits against financial companies.

The millionaire looks far into the future. He plans to create a real blockchain community. A perfect one. In the past, they would call it a «utopia», but such lofty matters are hardly familiar to Mr. Berns. By the way, he has not yet decided how exactly the blockchain will make this community perfect, but that’s not a big deal. It’s utopia, after all.

«This will either be the biggest thing ever, or the most spectacular crash and burn in the history of mankind,» Mr. Berns says. Apparently, he might have been affected by the long practice of the Bitcoin price predicting. After all, everyone knows what will happen to Bitcoin: it will either grow or not. Mr. Berns is a forecasting genius.

There is an old wisdom: you can put your boots in the oven, but that doesn’t make them biscuits. And that’s what we think: if you put slinging into the blockchain, it will not become any better. It’s better not to touch it at all. It won’t stink, at least.

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