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STO project Lottery review

Name: Lottery
Token Symbol: Unknown
The method of fundraising: Security Token Offering
Web: https://​sto​.lottery​.com/
GitHub: No
Documentation: No
STO status : processing, from June 1, the completion date is unknown

The company conducts STO, but we could not find out details about the tokens of the project: the site has a minimum information and there are no contacts in social networks and White Paper (WP), although it is mentioned in an interview with CEO of the project . Token sale has been starting on June 1. The application for registration in token‐sale is opened. According to the questions in the application, the minimum investment is $100 000.

Project Summary

Lottery is a platform for online lotteries. Previously, the project was called AutoLoto. Lottery operates in the United States and calls itself a social company because it is actively engaged in charity work. Now there is information on the website about 4 lotteries, 2 of which have a prize fund hundreds of millions of dollars. Lottery was founded in 2015, and the CEO of the project began to work in this area 7 years ago, when there were only paper lotteries in the USA and absence of online platforms. A year later, the company received approval from USA regulators, and now, according to CEO, the company’s share is from 30 to 40% of total sales in the USA.

Lottery users participate in local and national lotteries through a mobile application that allows them to check paper lottery tickets for winnings, as well as play Mega Millions and Powerball on smartphones. The company does not allow unreliable people to participate in lotteries. Each participant passes KYC; the company organizes the reliability rating of the users and has access to a database of similar portals. Now the company holds lotteries and a database on the blockchain.

Lottery allocates money for charity and is going to solve the problems of hunger in the world in partnership with the UN food program. The team is going to organize a global charity lottery for this. According to the CEO of the project, about 70% of all tickets in the USA are bought by people with incomes of more than $75 thousand. They will offer the most effective methods of stimulation: for example, organize a meeting with a favorite star as a win for them.

The gaming industry is a huge market, which was estimated at $37 billion in 2015. The idea to transfer gaming industry on blockchain is not new, but it has the good prospects. There are blockchain solutions for the gaming industry, and projects such as, VDice, Edgeless, DAO​.Casino, using the blockchain and smart contracts Ethereum, gathered at ICO the large amount. The issue of security tokens guarantees legal purity and absence of problems with regulators, which is especially important for such a project.

Where Does Blockchain Come in?

In the gaming industry blockchain helps to make games «provably fair», guarantees transparency, and allows smart contracts to be used to build reliable gaming systems.

Project Team

Tony Di Matteo — CEO of Lottery​.com. There is mention about Tony in the Internet as a pioneer and leader in the field of digital security. Also he was the founder of Glimpsamble and other startups (the information confirmed). In August 2018, he spoke at the ChainXChange conference with Apple co‐founder Steve Wozniak.

Matt Clemenson — co‐founder and president, before Lottery he was also co‐founder of Glimpsamble, and had working experience in Expedia, Hotwire and a number of other companies.

There are Miguel Forbes from the publishers of Forbes and Joey Circle (Joey Run) from Pantera Capital among the advisors.

The project team and advisors are strong.

Friendliness to the Investors

Friendliness to the Investors is low. The main information for the review had to be taken from the interview of the project CEO. There is many information on the website. There is no WP, links to Telegram or profiles in social networks.

Positive Indicators

  1. The promising idea.
  2. The strong team.
  3. The project has been working since 2015.
  4. Lottery issues SEC‐tokens, therefore the project is legally clean and agreed with regulators. Investment risks are lower than if you participated in the ICO with the utility tokens.

Negative Indicators

  1. Nothing is known about the tokens, except that it is security. There are no WP and chat in Telegram.
  2. The emphasis on charity allows to suggest that high earnings is not the main goal of the project.

Summing Up

It makes sense for large long‐term investors to fill out an application and look at the Lottery. Perhaps, after filling out the application, the team will give more complete information about the crowdsale and the expected benefits for investors.

Since Security tokens usually mean buying a share of the company and give the right to receive dividends, they are more reliable in comparison with to utility tokens. In addition, Lottery has been working in the USA since 2015 and controling at least ⅓ market, has an experienced team and advisors, which is very important for any project. We put 9 out of 10.

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