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ICO AgentMile Review

Name: AgentMile

Token Symbol: ESTATE

Web: https://​agentmile​.com/

GitHub: https://​github​.com/​A​g​e​n​t​M​i​l​e​/​e​s​t​a​t​e​-​t​o​ken (inactive)

Documentation: White paper , Lite Paper,

ICO status : processing

  • pre‐sale: September 15‐October 15, in process, bonus 50%
  • public sale: 15 October -17 December (bonus reduced from 43% to 5%)

100 million ESTATE coins were issued, 71 million of them are displayed for sale, 12% to bounty and adviser, 7% to the team and 10% for reserve. Softcap — $ 1 million, hardcap — $ 20 million, $ 2.2 million has already collected. You can buy tokens ESTATE on the Sowah platform at a significant discount.

ESTATE is ERC‐20 token, which is based on Ethereum blockchain. The price is 0.2$ + bonus. The minimum limit for the purchase is 1 token. All received funds will be stored in escrow accounts, that is the company will receive them only if the obligations assumed are fulfilled. The company is registered in Estonia.

Project Summary

AgentMile is an leasing platform of commercial real estate, which is based on artificial intelligence. The platform gives brokers, tenants and landlords the opportunity to publish their commercial properties on the blockchain portal Multiple listing service (MLS). The platform also provides advanced opportunities for reporting, leasing and management capabilities. For example, users will be able to publish the so‐called «showcases», which will allow to visualize the real estate objects. The site allows you to virtually visit the inside of the building, to see its surroundings and to evaluate the functionality.

The use of a AgentMile, according the concept of the creators, will turn the search for real estate into a quick and transparent process, simplify the management of property and cash flows, help sellers to respond quickly to consumer needs and contribute to the development of the global real estate market. The front‐end interface of AgentGrow is responsible for the search for commercial real estate and tenants payments. The CRM‐system for brokers with advanced technology for decision‐making from AgentDrive is responsible for the business management process. This system has won several awards, including Great User Experience Award 2017 in 2017.

The White Paper focuses on commercial real estate and analyzes this market, which is estimated at 3 385 trillion dollars. In general, the project solves the real problem of the industry: complete and accurate information about real estate (especially foreign), as a rule, is not available, it is difficult to check the tenants reliability. The platform offers smart search of real estate with access to complete information on the objects, fraud elimination and secure data exchange.

Where Does Blockchain Come in?

All characteristics of real estate are recorded in the blockchain, after that they can not be changed. Thus, the tenant can be sure that he is renting an object that is suitable for him in all characteristics, even if it is on another continent. All payments on the platform will take place in real time and will also be recorded in the blockchain. Blockchain provides transparency and security of operations on the AgentMile platform. The use of this technology seems reasonable.

Project Team

The project has been working since 2015. It has clients in 20 countries, offices in Estonia, Thailand and Hong Kong, 1000 employees and more than 10 000 objects in management. The partners of the project have several companies‐advisors, such as Icobox, OpenLedger.

SEO project — Wladimir Baranoff‐Rossine. He is also presented as a mentor of investment projects Oxygen Accelerator, Ignite Accelerator, SunSoftCity. There is no information about him on webs of its projects, but there is a confirmation on third‐party resources.

In the past, Vladimir was CMO Yaware, where he led a team of 500 people, as well as the operational Director of the mobile Commerce platform Shopgate, founder and CEO of MobiCart. This information is confirmed.

Angel Luis Quesada Nieto — chief technical officer. He is presented on LinkedIn submitted as an investor, «Blockchain Fanboy», the former CEO of another project in the field of real estate Kubide, and technical director of 6 other projects.

Konstantin Boyko — technical director, CEO and owner of the company to create financial applications JustCoded, which is confirmed by the blog posts of the company.

The advisors — Ronny Boesing, founder OpenLedger ApS. He has already been adviser of projects GenEOS​.io (. ICO is now in the process) Crypviser, Scorum, and others. All these projects attracted small amounts of $ 4 – 6 million.

Soheil Mirpour is a senior vice president of Rocket Internet SE. He is not presented on the company’s website, but information about him is mentioned in an article of Bloomberg.

In general, the team seems to be quite strong.

Friendliness to the Investors

There are 63 000 investors in the Telegram chat, which is a lot for such project, but all questions are forwarded to e‐mail. We could not get answers from the team.

Positive Indicators

- The viable idea and reasonable using of blockchain

- The project has been working since 2015.

- There is a good team

- The CRM‐system, underlying the project technology, has been developed and tested.

- The roadmap Q3 2018 — launch of AgentMile, Q2 2019 — launch of blockchain and smart contracts, online booking and payment systems, Q3 2019 — launch of mobile application and API, Q2 202‐ implementation of AI algorithms, Q3 2020 — integration of payment systems and utilities.

Negative Indicators

- Weak activity on Github

- There is no legal expertise

- Sales phase is delayed, which indicates the absence of large investors. A large number of participants in Telegram with a small amount of collection, also the generous bonuses. The Telegram may contain bots or people attracted by the bounty program, which speaks against the project.

- Low level of friendliness to investors.

Summing Up

The project seemed interesting to us. A big plus is experience in this field. If after the end of the ICO it is possible to conduct a quick listing on the exchanges (it was not possible to find out this question), short‐term investors will have prospects of earning. Because we didn’t get the answers to our questions of the team, we put 6 out of 10.

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