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VeChain vs VeChainX

Free lucre is a kinda affection to any crook of the world. Now we can see the new attempt to get people’s crypto‐nickel out of their wallets. Apart from regular pseudo‐ICO, the best way to do that is a good old‐school phishing. Why work so hard? Easy money, man!

What is necessary for this? You just base your new project title upon established one and slightly change the name. Everybody knows VeChain, a Singapore‐based blockchain‐as‐a‐service provider that successfully started last year. With addition of letter X we get now VeChainX! BTW, do not bother obtaining new logo for that! Take the existing one from the mothership. Keep up with the same colours, do it cheap!

Right after that you establish your project as a “Decentralized Exchange for the new equity blockchain” and start doing very standard methods of promotion.

Now it’s time to airdrop your tokens. One day all registered users receive so cherished email with a link to the KYC verification. That’d be okay but users eventually find themselves on a page with completely fake ethereum‐wallet key. They’re ought to fill in the standard KYC‐form, pass their private key over to the fraudsters, and – voila – forget about your gear!

p.s. Some extra small research proved that project advisers never specified their participation in VeChainX in their LinkedIn accounts.

Furthermore, apart from name, photo and email addresses, team members info have no additional records on them. You bet, there are such people with those names. Just Google them. However, we wonder if they are aware that they participate in this gorgeous “project”. Who knows.

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