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Thus spoke Roubini

A highbrow economist Nouriel Roubini taught us crypto from the tribune at the American Senate.

And that’s what he said.

1. Blockchain is as efficient as a submarine with screen doors, — thus spoke Mr Roubini.
2. BTC will never be a viable currency, — thus spoke Mr Roubini.
3. Stablecoin is a shitcoin, but it is a “grave insult to manure that is a most useful, precious and productive good as a fertilizer in agriculture,” — thus spoke Mr Roubini.
4. Almost all ICO’s are about to die, and if some aren’t, they’re surely on their way to, — thus spoke Mr Roubini.
5. Real revolution in finance is fintech, which has nothing to do with crypto and blockchain, — thus spoke Mr Roubini.
6. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are centralized and not safe, nobody will guarantee your deposit value, no‐one will lend money as a last resort, — thus spoke Mr Roubini.
7. Cryptoland is a most centralized scam in the history of human being, — thus spoke Mr Roubini.
8. Decentralization is nothing but a myth, this is “massive centralization and concentration of oligopolistic power and cartels among miners, exchanges, developers, wealth holders,” — thus spoke Mr Roubini.
9. There’s still no decent app in crypto‐blockchain, only Ponzi schemes, — thus spoke Mr Roubini.
10. Cryptoland is a bunch of charlatans, con artists, carnival barkers and other effective managers, — thus spoke Mr Roubini.

Keep talking, Mr Roubini, keep talking. Not long now, Nouriel.
Until our people come along, then we’ll talk.

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