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Serpent Terpin

Earlier in the year a PR consultant Michael Terpin suffered cryptowallet robbery having lost worth of $22 million.

According to Terpin, communication company AT&T is to blame for the acciden. He claims AT&T employee has helped hackers to break open cryptowallets stored in his mobile phone. The guy filed a lawsuit against the mobile operator asking for indemnification. He also wants extra $200 million for, in his own words, gross negligence.

The news that Terpin sues AT&T spread over various media whether due to his contacts in the industry, whether it could have become a precedent, but it couldn’t.

Do not forget Mr Terpin is not only a famous PR specialist but an adviser in many cryptoprojects. For instance, he helps to develop some payment systems.

Once again. This guy managed to blow off $22 million kept in his mobile phone and he teaches how to create payment systems. This is ridiculous, isn’t it?

Yep, even Homer sometimes nods but Mr Terpin has had about 30 ICO’s under his belt as stated in his ICOBench profile.

Maybe it’s his own negligence as he didn’t bother to protect his mobile phone account. Perhaps, he is still willing to trust people like some communication company clerk, which seems odd as the guy has been in the fintech industry for years and surely could have asked help from security professionals to protect his data.

Does anybody need some good adviser, eh?

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