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Lenin’s cryptoideas live and win

100 years ago communists declared that any cook must be able of getting on with the job of state administration. However, in XXI century this conception has slightly changed and any nerd now can kick Airbnb, Booking and Hertz with Avis out of the market.

That’s exactly was the idea of a new rental service conceived by Mikhail Sitnichenko, a former candidate for election to Moscow State Duma under the aegis of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. He got bunch of other nerds, who used to sell textile, did SEO and even tried to trade cryptocurrency. Together they decided to beat Booking and Avis – but with blackjack and hookers! – i.e. using blockchain. They started to call themselves Availcom.

But, who in this worlds starts with the development of a project expecting to earn some dough afterwards? This point of views is kind of old‐fashioned yet only retards and old farts stick to this rule. Thus, our heroes opted to plan ICO. As true communists, their ambitions are quite modest and unpretentious as they want to get only $25 mln but would appreciate money to a smaller extent. Anyway, no less than $3 mln, which is their soft cap level.

As there’s no communist without a membership card then there’s no ICO without advisers. Availcom guys managed to get real no‐names and some Bruce Jeong, who at the moment is a strategic adviser of the infamous Indian crypto‐exchange Bitxoxo.

As a starting point to conquer the world our “communists” preferred some warm climates following old communist tradition. As Lenin settled on the island of Capri more than 100 years ago to begin his revolution, nowadays revolutionists headed to Singapore, a touristic paradise in the Southeast Asia. As true communists, they are good in getting ticked as neither office address not telephone number can be found to get in touch with them. Well, what is Singapore in its scale? Whoever wants, they will find the guys.

Alright, if someone still believes in the ability of a cook to run the state and is ready to donate some crypto to another communist revolution – you’re welcome! Surely, communists has learned the lesson of a Cold War and headed straight to the USA for a revenge. It means, Availcom considers the US market as a primary choice. Yet the rest of the world will wait until Americans have enjoyed their life under the communist régime.

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