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George, you totally fucked up with everything!

Let’s consider big and well‐known in certain circles project called Karma (https://​karma​.red). This is a blockchain‐based decentralized cross‐border p2p loans ecosystem as they call it. While reading their white paper and other official documents you can’t help but shed a tear of happiness. You just gotta enjoy that great yet simple idea together with those well‐written papers.

Moreover, their ICO was great! Guys managed to make the whole million bucks there. And they got alpha‐version of their product, which has been around for 4 years. And according to their own words 10 companies use their app with more that $5 mln of loans disbursed and with zero per cent of arrears. Terrific! What else can we say if there’s no other significant proof other that their own rant?

It’s interesting, that the developers seem not to slow their hectic pace at all. That means they just launched their alpha‐release to make sure things work properly before going public. Logically, customers are awaiting their beta‐release in order to test and make the world a better place to live.

However, the Karma team had their masterplan. They decided to absolutely nail it. Enter the Karma 2.0! Yes sir, an alpha‐release yet again! Just for the inner circle of devotees. Hey, wassup man! Got a problem?

Yep, first release never had beta, but here’s the version two… followed by version 3.0… and version 4.0…

George Goognin, the big boss of Karma, has sa id that in alpha‐release users can deal only with cryptomoney, which is not much, in fact, comparing to the world of fiats. For a company of people of such a great design this shitty crypto is like a drop in the ocean. They need the ocean of fiat, per se.

Thus, they signed a very serious European interchange service provider. And yes, that company promised to bring bucks and euros to the game. That’ll be the day! Ummm, when the beta is to be finished, of course.

However, what’s the point in finishing the current product when you can launch Karma 3.0 with some new great features – surely in alpha – just before everybody would be able to enjoy beta‐release of the 2.0 version.
Well, it looks like the prospects of Karma are as fantastic as it gets. And the product? Aaah, come on! Don’t mix apples and oranges.

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