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The queue for state housing will be recorded in Bitfury blockchain

Blockchain system have been run in the social agency of Perm region in Russia.

Blockchain platform is designed to queue for people in need of social protection. This is the first blockchain platform in Russia for counting the unprotected citizens for housing and for improving house conditions.

The organizers of the project are IT‐company «Trajectory Vremeni», ICS group and Bitfury* company.

Previously, social security agencies recorded the waiting list in text files, spreadsheets and special systems. It was difficult to synchronize these databases with each other, and the difference in the bases caused problems in the distribution of housing between waiting lists. Now information is stored on a single blockchain‐platform, which greatly facilitates the work of social security agencies.

Blockchain platform uses an open source solution — Bitfury Exonum ™. This solution ensures the transparency of the actions of each participant, ease of auditing and continuous access to information.

The project was created in collaboration with the IT company «Trajectory of Time» and the group of companies «IVS».

* Bitfury Group is an international technology company, a global leader in blockchain technology.

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