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Questions to the Norilsk Stablecoin

The CEO of Norilsk Nickel Vladimir Potanin is going to develop his own cryptocurrency. He is going to make some real stablecoins. Apparently, he will dominate over Tezer and will show everyone how it’s done.

Dear Vladimir, it turns out you are a master of all trades! You are capable of both releasing a cryptocurrency and holding an ICO. It’s a pity, of course, that you didn’t do it earlier: back in January, you would have raised so much during the ICO, that you would have to call out Deripaska and Abramovich to help you count the money. As for now, well, any amount of money brought by the hamsters will do.

Mother Russia is choking in the steel ring of sanctions. Foreign investors look at the Russian assets with disgust. Who else can ICO — this relatively new method of nonviolent money deprivation — be applied to if not to our native, domestic hamster?

And the hamsters have their hearts set on your stablecoin. It’s not some bullshit startup crypto, it is Norilsk Nickel stablecoin itself! All the hamsters will rush off for the stablecoin, oh, we can tell it, they will.

And here comes another question: will you emit your stablecoin within the Central Bank sandbox? And will Deposit Insurance Agency buy your coins? Or maybe the Central Bank will take part in it? Or, contrary to Elvira Nabiullina will, shall you rain your stablecoin down on the open market? We are already applauding.

We don’t worry about your stablecoin rate at all. You are on the first name basis with volatility. You shall squeeze it with your steel hand, look into its eyes and psh‐sh‐sh‐sh… The cryptocurrency market will become silent and placid all at once… And you can only hear the graphic exponent tapping into the upper right corner of the monitor as it cannot grow anymore. But this is no problem as we shall buy a bigger monitor. Yes, we shall do that. A person of your level doesn’t condescend to the cryptocurrency market every day. It is worthy of all possible attention and admiration. Our applause turns into a standing ovation.

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